Stargazer Lily

Posted by Louise L. Hagedorn on January 23, 2014 in musings, Photos |

I passed by Cartimar today with Glo to get some plants for the house. After picking various herbs, which I will take a picture of tomorrow, there was a wafting scent I could no longer ignore. When I asked the seller what that was, she said it was a Stargazer, and showed me a row of potted beautiful white and pink flowers. I had Glo pick what she thought was the best one of the lot, and she chose one with most of its buds closed.


Stargazers are a type of Oriental lilies developed in California, USA sometime in the 1970’s. They are so named because of their large upright flowers that seem to be watching the sky for stars. They were first bred as pink with a white border on the petals, though two other hybrids have been developed. One is yellow with a bright orange to red speckles, while the second is white with a light green center. One other characteristic that differentiates them from other similar looking Asiatic lilies is their pervading sweet scent.

Right now, the scent is localized in the dining area, though I think that has more to do with the cross-draft coming from the bedrooms than any weakness in the scent. Only one bloom is open right now, so I have five more flowers to look forward to enjoying in the coming days.

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  • Hi i stumbled upon your blog while looking for plants to put in my balcony. I really love stargazers but i haven’t taken care of the plant itself. I usually get stargazers as part of the bouquets my hubby gives me. Anyway, how are your plants now? Do you put them out in the sun? Are they high maintenance? Sorry i’ve got lts of questions. I hope you can help me decide if i should make those beautiful lilies a part of my little garden. Thank you and God bless!

    • Louise L. Hagedorn

      I didn’t know how to take care of the stargazer, so it died. I think I didn’t give it enough soil to thrive. Getting the plant was worth though. The blooms lasted much longer in the pot than they would have in a bouquet. I’m going to try again if I find another stargazer plant. I will definitely transplant it after the blooms fall into a bigger pot than the one it comes in when you buy it. That pot was just too small for it.

      The plants I have now are Gynura Procumbens, Aloe Vera, Screw Pine, Basella rubra, and Moringa. The Basella rubra is easy to take care of, though it needs regular trimming as it thrives in hot weather. We usually end up using the trimmings in our soups and salads. It also makes for a nutritious stir fry.

      • con

        Interesting… I’m actually considering herbs too! Thank you for your response! I sure hope you can grow the stargzer lilies the next time you get them.
        God bless you!

        • Louise L. Hagedorn

          You’re welcome. Herbs are fun because it encourages you to find ways to use them in your cooking.
          Thank you. I hope so!
          Hope you grow a beautiful garden.

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