Butter Cake Recipe Up at ManilaSpeak.com

Butter Cake Recipe Up at ManilaSpeak.com

This week’s recipe is up at ManilaSpeak.com.  

New Creamy Homemade ChocNut Butter Recipe Up at ManilaSpeak.com

My recipe for Creamy Homemade ChocNut Butter is up at ManilaSpeak. I made this recipe because some of the commercial versions I found looked like there was too much oil used in the formula. That’s why the formula in the article uses so little oil. 

ManilaSpeak Recipe Sneak Peek: Chocnut Spread

Rica and Brian were eating the results of my upcoming ManilaSpeak recipe for Chocnut spread. It is a chocolate candy made with roasted peanuts, cane sugar, chocolate powder, milk powder, and vanilla. For many Filipinos, Chocnut is a bite of childhood.

Happy Lunar New Year!

To start off the Year of the Wooden Horse, Reggie had lunch at Masuki, along Benavidez Street in Chinatown with our friends Cha and Jah.

ManilaSpeak Column Up: Today’s Recipe is Sukiyaki

ManilaSpeak Column Up: Today’s Recipe is Sukiyaki

  My Sukiyaki recipe is up at ManilaSpeak. This recipe deviates a bit from the traditional in that it requires you to sauté the vegetables before adding them to the soup. I find this adds flavor to the vegetables. You only sauté them for a 

Chicken Night

It’s not just chicken, it’s Chicken ala Kiev, and Chicken Frita.

Tempura Soba at Tanabe Restaurant

Reggie and I had dinner at Tanabe Restaurant, our favorite Japanese restaurant in the area. Reggie, as usual, had her shake don, salmon sashimi over a bed of sushi rice. I like trying different items on the menu, and decided to try the tempura soba 

Our New Balcony Herb Garden

I finally have a small herb garden. Nothing too fancy, just herbs I was able to find at Cartimar. We will hopefully have more plants if Glo is able to get seeds to sprout.

Ukoy Recipe Up at ManilaSpeak

My ukoy recipe is up at ManilaSpeak.

Manille Liqueur de Calamansi, Straight Up

Reggie was at the mall earlier today, and found some Manille Liqueur de Calamansi. As promised, I got some for those who requested. One will be for us, one for an uncle (hopefully) arriving this Sunday, and one to be dropped off to a friend.