Top Google Search for Liempo Cebu Recipe

Earlier today, Rica and I were discussing how my ManilaSpeak articles were doing. Turns out that the most viewed article I have at the site is my liempo recipe. Apparently, when you do a search for liempo Cebu recipe, it’s the one on top. I’m tickled! 

In Site/Insight: A Talk by Ninotchka Rosca

In Site/Insight: A Talk by Ninotchka Rosca

 Reggie and I attended a talk by Ninotchka Rosca at UST’s Tanghalang Teresita Quirino this afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to her. Writing for her, is about the “standing probability of time”. It begins with an image, a face, a scene. Characters are expressions of 



I went to Dumaguete with some relatives of mine this past week. Internet connection was spotty at the resort, so I’m doing a long post to make up for all the days I wasn’t able to post for my pictures. Sunday night before we left, Tito 

Customer Service, Opposite Ends of the Spectrum, from One Company

When I got my iPhone 5S, I didn’t realize that Globe didn’t send me an LTE-enabled SIM. I tried to get it replaced the other day, but there weren’t any SIMs available at the business center in Podium, and when I went to the one 

January 2, 2014

I gave baking lessons to Joy and Steve’s children, Bambi and Summer today. They enjoyed the batter so much, they kept swiping to have a taste. I hope they come by again, it was fun teaching them.

Canonigo Recipe up on

My first article for the year is posted at ManilaSpeak. Canonigo is a Filipino version of the French île flottante meaning “floating island”. I have yet to find out the origin of the name though. A web search for the word turns up “canon” and “corn salad”. 

New Pictures for the New Year

I promised myself I would take at least one picture everyday for this year. Let’s see how this goes! I’m also in the process of configuring my blog to allow me to upload one everyday with minimal effort so it’s easier to do. I’ll be 

WordPress via iPad

I finally got around to using the WordPress app for the iPad. I haven’t been updating this site in a long time, so I thought this would be a good way to see how I could update this more often. The next few days will