Sneak Peek: Ballet Philippines’ The Art of Dance

Ballet Philippines had the last show of the The Art of Dance – Night program at RCBC Theater. The last shows for the Day program are on 23 February, 11AM at Ninoy Aquino Stadium in Manila and 3pm at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium RCBC Plaza 

Checkers and a Sunset

Reggie, Billie, Rica, and I came across a pick up game of dama, the colloquial term for checkers, being played along Roxas Boulevard. The players use stones to draw the board on the cement, with bottle caps as game pieces.

Baywalk, Manila Bay, Philippines Scenes

Living near Manila Bay has its advantages. Walking at sunset is both enjoyable and scenic. It’s not just the sunset which catches your view, but everything else you can find.

Sneak Peek: Gluten-Free Chocolatey Nutty Oats Cookies

This week’s recipe for will be a gluten-free chocolatey nutty oats cookie. We took the cookies up to Pico de Loro, and they were perfect for trail food.

Pico de Loro Hike

Pico de Loro has a hiking trail in Maragondon, Cavite. Reggie and I, along with some friends went up the trail yesterday. The others were much faster than us, so we decided to just go at it at our own pace and enjoy the hike.

Sneak Peak: Pico de Loro Climb

We went up the Pico de Loro trail in Cavite today. We’re beat, and aching all over. We enjoyed ourselves though. Will post more pictures tomorrow when I don’t ache so much.  

Trick Bikers at Roxas Boulevard Baywalk

Roxas Boulevard Baywalk has trick bikers practicing their stunts across Rajah Sulayman Park. I hope they continue practicing in the area as they’re pretty cool to watch.

Rooster in the City

Cockfighting is a national pastime in the Philippines. Even in the city, sabongeros raise and care for roosters in any space they can find. One common area I find roosters in is in between electrical posts.

Playing in the Streets: Why Manila Needs More Parks

Children playing in the streets, dodging running cars in the midst of play.

Manila in the Early Evening

On our jeepney ride home from Buendia, Reggie and I were able to sit in the front seat next to the driver. I like riding shotgun because I’m able to take some photos.