Zentangle Pattern Tutorial: Raincoat 6

I developed a tangle using the Arabic symbol for six. Some of the Zentangle community that takes part of the Weekly Diva Challenge kept calling it a “raincoat”. I enjoy the feedback I’m getting and decided to share the instructions for making Raincoat 6.

Weekly Challenge #165: “UMT – Camelia”

Laura Harm’s latest challenge is up at her website. 

Weekly Challenge #164: “Amanda (Earth) Day”

This week’s Zentangle challenge is to find inspiration from Earth Day.

Weekly Challenge #163 New Official Tangle – Rixty

Rixty is not my favorite tangle. I tend to draw right triangles instead of equilateral ones. After a couple of false starts over the course of the week, I finally got into the right frame of mind to tackle this week’s challenge by Laura Harms.

Diva Challenge #162: Initials String

Laura Harms’ challenge for the week is to use your initials as a string to make a tangle. My initials are 5 letters, so it was a bit complicated to use them as a string. It turned out better than I expected.

Quandry Tutorial

Kelly mentioned in my Quandry challenge post that she had a difficult time with the Quandry tangle. Here’s a tutorial explaining how I did the Quandry tangle. There are two methods I found work for me. The first is to start it as a line of 

Weekly Challenge #161: “In a Quandary about Quandary”

This week’s challenge is to use Quandry. Which is a bit of reverse engineering, as I didn’t notice where to get the instructions for it. Laura did mention that there were many ways to draw Quandry, so I think it’s ok.

Ornation Creation: Silver Breasted Broadbill

Ben Kwok has a Facebook group called Ornation Creation where he posts templates members can fill in with their doodling.

Tangling Knyt and Sanibelle

Took a break to make a tangle using Knyt and Sanibelle.

Weekly Challenge #160: “String Theory: Spiral out, Keep Going! (v2)”

This week’s challenge is to use a spiral as your thread.