Java the Pomeranian

Java, Mars, and Tweety
Java, Mars, and Tweety

After drawing Lucy, I knew I’d be able to do our Pom Java. He was our very first pure breed dog with papers. Brian was the one who found him at a (no longer extant) pet shop along Kamagong Street, Makati.

When we brought him home, the first thing Mom said to him was “Dogs aren’t allowed in the condo. You have to be a quiet dog if you’re going to live here. We don’t want to send you away, so no barking.” When we would come home, we would do a happy dance, without a bark. There was lots of heavy panting though. He only barked once, at a visitor who later stole from us.

Around the the same time we had Java, Tita Bambi gave us Tweety, a tame budgerigar who became his best friend. They would walk through the house every morning, Tweety in the lead, inspecting each room to make sure everyone was awake.


Sadly, Tweety flew out the window, never to be seen again. Later, Java died of Parvo when he was three years old. We still miss them.