Lucy, a Long-Haired Papillon

Llucy_progression2ast week, Rica was drawing for her friend Scott, his long-haired chihuahua Papillon named Lucy . I decided to  see if I could make my own version of it and asked for the reference picture.

I also wanted to see how my drawings progress as I make them, so I periodically took shots with my iPhone 5S. One thing I learned is that it pays to take a picture. You’re able to see the drawing more objectively than when you’re staring at the  drawing in progress. Weird, but it’s useful for me.

I like that I was able to properly capture her eyes. But the hair, that was an exercise in patience.




Update: Scott let me know that Lucy is a Papillon, not a long-haired chihuahua. I’ve corrected the post to reflect as such. Thanks Scott!