Shepherd’s Pie Recipe up at

My Shepherd’s Pie recipe is up at ManilaSpeak.comsheperdspie

This recipe brings memories of high school. Mom would make this for dinner, and I’d have it as my packed lunch the next day. In school I would eat it at room temperature. When my friends would see my lunch, they would ask for a bite. I would get one bite and my lunch would get passed around. When it would come back to me, there were two to three bites left. I ended up asking for a bigger packed lunch portion just to make sure I would get more than 3 bites.

Last weekend, I was getting texts from Rica, asking about the ingredients for shepherd’s pie. She thought it was already part of my recipes, and was in the middle of cooking when she asked for my help. Since I haven’t made it in a while, I forgot to tell her about the mushroom soup/gravy. When that happens, it usually turns out on the dry side, but is still very tasty.