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Margaux Salcedo at Manila Hotel Tap Room

We love watching Margaux Salcedo sing at the Tap Room, so when she sent us a text last Wednesday that she was singing there, I made sure to finish my ManilaSpeak.com article as fast as I could to catch a few sets. I also took it 

Trick Bikers at Roxas Boulevard Baywalk

Roxas Boulevard Baywalk has trick bikers practicing their stunts across Rajah Sulayman Park. I hope they continue practicing in the area as they’re pretty cool to watch.

Rooster in the City

A fighting cock lying in wait along San Andres Street
A fighting cock lying in wait along San Andres Street

Cockfighting is a national pastime in the Philippines. Even in the city, sabongeros raise and care for roosters in any space they can find. One common area I find roosters in is in between electrical posts.

Playing in the Streets: Why Manila Needs More Parks

Children playing in the streets, dodging running cars in the midst of play.

Office Flowers Through Lomography Petzval Lens

I took my Lomography Petzval lens to the office today to see how it would take plants and flowers.

2 Apples, 2 Oranges

One of the challenges of doing a photo everyday is just taking the photo when you’re not feeling well. But a classic still life of a bowl of fruit is a start.



New Perspectives via a New Lens

First full day with my Petzval lens. I took some pictures around the house to test how it goes. The lens focal length is 85mm.  You do need to be at least 2 feet away to get the lens to focus. And 3-4 feet away 

A First Look at the Petzval Lens with Canon Mount

My Petzval Lens Kickstarter order arrived today!