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Patting Light

The light looks like it’s petting Reggie on the head.  

Chicken Night

It’s not just chicken, it’s Chicken ala Kiev, and Chicken Frita.

Tempura Soba at Tanabe Restaurant

Reggie and I had dinner at Tanabe Restaurant, our favorite Japanese restaurant in the area. Reggie, as usual, had her shake don, salmon sashimi over a bed of sushi rice. I like trying different items on the menu, and decided to try the tempura soba with inari sushi.

First to arrive was the tempura soba. They serve the tempura separate from the soup so that it stays crispy until you dunk it in the soup. The soba, buckwheat noodles, were cooked to just the right tenderness. The broth was a comforting blend of savory saltiness. There’s even a side of spring onions so you can put as much, or as little, as you like.

Hot soba with tempura and chopped spring onions
Hot soba with tempura and chopped spring onions

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Horsing Around

I stopped by the office earlier today to print and cut some calling cards. I used some paper scrap to make an impromptu frame for Reggie to play with. No image editing involved!  

In Site/Insight: A Talk by Ninotchka Rosca

In Site/Insight: A Talk by Ninotchka Rosca

 Reggie and I attended a talk by Ninotchka Rosca at UST’s Tanghalang Teresita Quirino this afternoon. I really enjoyed listening to her. Writing for her, is about the “standing probability of time”. It begins with an image, a face, a scene. Characters are expressions of 

1837 TWG Shangri-La

Reggie sipping her Lover's Tea.
Reggie sipping her Lover’s Tea.

Whilce Portacio at Comic Odyssey Promenade

Whilce Portacio was at the new Comic Odyssey inside Fully Booked Promenade in Greenhills today. We bought some prints and had them signed. I was able to get the app Halftone 2 for free and decided to play around with it for today’s post. Reggie was 

January 2, 2014

I gave baking lessons to Joy and Steve’s children, Bambi and Summer today. They enjoyed the batter so much, they kept swiping to have a taste.

Joy taking pictures of Bambi and Summer cleaning out the batter from the bowl.

I hope they come by again, it was fun teaching them.

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