Why I Switched Hosting Providers to 247-host.com

Website hosting is a complicated affair to the uninitiated. Most people use free sites because it’s faster and easier to set up and maintain. In the mid-nineties, it would be places like Geocities and Yahoo that would host free personal sites. Geocities was later bought 

MacHeist Apple Design Award Bundle

  MacHeist is a deal site I discovered around 2007 that gives great deals on Mac OSX software. They don’t always have a sale, but when they do, it’s worth checking out. What makes them different from most other deal sites, is that they usually hold 

New Perspectives via a New Lens

First full day with my Petzval lens. I took some pictures around the house to test how it goes. The lens focal length is 85mm.  You do need to be at least 2 feet away to get the lens to focus. And 3-4 feet away 

A First Look at the Petzval Lens with Canon Mount

My Petzval Lens Kickstarter order arrived today!

Preparing Bullet Journal for February 2014

Earlier this year, I decided to try the Bullet Journal system to see if it would suit my needs. So far, I’m finding it much easier to use than a pre-formatted paper planner. It is better for my tasks, thoughts, and notes. Having something physical 

The Mirror Project

There are times when you forget you’ve actually done something until something surprises you to remember it. I was doing a Google search on my name, and the top post is something I had totally forgotten I’d done. I had submitted a selfie to the 

Top Google Search for Liempo Cebu Recipe

Earlier today, Rica and I were discussing how my ManilaSpeak articles were doing. Turns out that the most viewed article I have at the site is my liempo recipe. Apparently, when you do a search for liempo Cebu recipe, it’s the one on top. I’m tickled! 

WordPress via iOS

I finally got the WordPress iOS app to work. Now I can post on the go! Things I need to remember to do this again: 1. iOS app requires that you log into WordPress first! I didn’t even remember that I had a WordPress log 

Siri and Her

It’s fun to play with Siri to see what answers the comes up with.

WordPress via iPad

I finally got around to using the WordPress app for the iPad. I haven’t been updating this site in a long time, so I thought this would be a good way to see how I could update this more often. The next few days will