Name Tag Background

Name Tag Background

Since we’re having a lot  of people coming over for Christmas, with some people meeting for the first time, I thought it would be easier on everyone if I made name tags, so I made a background for the name tags.  

joey’s weekly tangle challenge #11: Summer Nights

Joey’s challenge for the week is to make something that reminds you of summer nights.

iamdiva’s Weekly Challenge #170: UMT Bugles

Laura Harms’ Challenge for the week is to use the Bugle tangle by Joyce Evans.

iamthediva’s Weekly Challenge #169: Circles

I’m catching up on my Zentangle challenges. Laura Harm’s Circles Challenge:

joey’s weekly tangle challenge #10

Made this tangle a week late for Joey’s challenge as I was caught up with other things last week.

joey’s weekly tangle challenge #9: Queen’s Crown

I finished Joey’s weekly challenge early this week, so I decided to post it.

joey’s weekly tangle challenge #8: teeny tiny tangles

Joey’s challenge this week is to make a tangle on a 2-inch square card and must illustrate or include something tiny.

iamdiva’s Weekly Challenge #167: DuoTangle Well/Punzel

I popped a new sketchbook yesterday, so I only had time to make Laura Harms’ weekly challenge today. It’s a Deko Sketchbook with 140g/m² paper from Hahnemühle Fineart in natural white. It’s heavier and stiffer than my last sketchbook, so the feel is definitely different. It takes 

madebyjoey’s Zentangle Weekly Challenge #7 Emphasising The String

madebyjoey has a weekly Zentangle challenge up too, so I decided to try it. This week’s challenge is to highlight the “string” used in the Zentangle.

Weekly Challenge #166: UMT Diva style

Laura Harm’s latest Zentangle challenge is up on her website.