Steamed Crabs (Halabos na Alimango)

Steamed-crabs-recipe-manilaspeakMy steamed crab recipe is up at This is a family favorite. Though it was a learned like for me, as I didn’t have the patience when I was much younger to peel the crabs myself. I didn’t like having the crabs peeled for me as I felt there was something missing when you have it peeled for you. I feel bad for those who have crustacean allergies. I once explained to my friend Pinay, who has severe crustacean allergies, that crabs and other crustaceans taste like a sunny windy morning at the beach. The breeze wafting through the air, that’s the taste of crabs.

The best fresh mud crabs I’ve ever eaten was in Roxas City, Capiz, the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. Roxas is found at the head of Pan-ay River. The meeting point of the sea and river, known as an estuary, creates brackish water. Fresh water fish and crustaceans grown here adapt to the water and are “pre-salted”. The salt absorbed into their bodies add a decidedly delicious component to their flesh.